I’m Marie Look, the editor of Rovaness.

I officially launched this website in January 2012 as a way to share my passion for travel and the discovery of new places. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to cover a lot of ground, and I enjoy sharing some of those stories and images here.

But even when I’m not traveling, I’m still thinking about traveling — where I’d like to go, what I’d like to do, and what I might like to take along with me. And in those cases, I hope this site serves the same purpose for you as it does for me: the opportunity to take a trip for a few minutes’ time without ever even leaving your chair.

So go ahead, grab your virtual travel bag. Here are the places you will go, the things you will see, the people you will meet, and, of course, what you will pack.

Bon voyage!


P.S. Don’t forget to send a postcard! You can reach me at the email address: contact [at] rovaness [dot] com.

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