Holstee T-Shirt Dress

Check out thisĀ T-shirt dress from Holstee. It’s a dress that’s a pocket and a pocket that’s a dress … with a pocket. Sounds at first like it could be a little kitschy, but the final product looks more than appealing.

The dress is cut, sewn and dyed in Los Angeles, using all-natural fibers (60% hemp/40% organic cotton), and it comes in white with a dark blue pocket, or black with a mint green pocket. There’s a video on holstee.com showing how you can tuck the whole dress into the pocket for storage or travel (they also make a T-shirt that follows the same concept). Price for the dress is $55.

I’m thinking about the possibilities … As a travel nightgown for overnight or weekend trips. Pack it in my carry-on in case my luggage doesn’t make it. Use it as a pillow on the plane. Toss it in my gym bag to throw on after a workout.

I see this as just the kind of versatile, dress up or dress down thing that I would probably find myself packing over and over again …