The first piece of art I remember buying for myself was a print of Brassai’s famous photograph of the steps of Montmartre. OK, so it was less of a print than it was a poster, but I was a freshman in college with no budget for wall hangings. Still, when I saw that poster for sale at one of the university library’s events, I knew I had to have it to feed my wanderlust.

I never dreamed that just just a few short years later, in 2005, during the summer before my senior year, I would find myself standing at the top of those very steps in Paris.

[Basilique du Sacre Coeur / Basilica of the Sacred Heart, via #]

[A view of Paris from Montmartre, via #]

[The fruit stand from the film Amelie, via #]

[The famous steps of Montmartre]

[Brassai’s photograph, which made me fall in love with Montmartre long before I’d ever even seen it.]

[Same fruit stand but with Christmas decorations. Doesn’t it look cute and festive?]

[Paris Metro entrance, via #]

[via #]

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